SIM (Serving in Mission) International


SIM History
SIM has a rich history of founders who journeyed to difficult places to share the Gospel. Landing in Africa, Asia, and South America, these pioneers formed missions committed to reaching people who had never known the love of Christ.  A union of several organisations founded over 100 years ago, SIM works today with the same passion as its founders.

Who We Are
SIM is an international mission organisation with more than 1,600 active missionaries serving in more than 50 countries.

Ethos and Purpose
SIM is a community of God's people who delight to worship him and are passionate about the Gospel, seeking to fulfil the mission of Jesus Christ in the world.  Our purpose is to glorify God by planting, strengthening, and partnering with churches around the world as we:

  • evangelise the unreached,
  • minister to human need,
  • disciple believers into churches,
  • equip churches to fulfil Christ's Commission.

TEC is supporting the Dorcas Widows Project.


Dorcas Widows Project
by Soula Isch
12 July 2010

For several years the Lord has been showing me the needs of widows in general and in Africa in particular. I could tell widows in Canada and Europe that I understand them, but the needs of the widows in West Africa overwhelmed me. They had no material or moral support after their husbands' deaths. Often their in-laws want to take their children and sometimes even accuse them in the death of their husbands. Sometimes these mothers give in because of the terrible pressure they have from the cultural musts; other times they fight to keep their children. I enquired if the churches had any plans to help and support the widows; the answer was negative.

In the beginning of 2006 I went from one area to another, speaking to hundreds of women who were gathered, often sitting under handmade hangars with over 40° C. temperatures. They were eager to hear the Word of God. I asked if it would be possible to have a session with the widows present. I was amazed by the numbers of widows present at every conference, and I was amazed at the things they shared with me. These widows felt lonely, and had no means to take care of their children. They were desperate for someone to come along and help them. The Spirit of God was speaking to me, but the task seemed beyond me. At the end of my last conference I could not resist God's voice who was pushing me to step out in faith. I asked the widows present to pray for me, I wanted to become their ambassador, their voice!

An impossible task ...

I knew this was an impossible task, but I had given a promise to the widows. The Lord was pushing me to do something, to step out in faith and trust him to take care of the rest. And he did. SIM leadership in Burkina Faso was very supportive and suggested we start in the Piela area where a pastor and his wife were ready to help in such a program. We called it the "Dorcas Widows Project."

I began to share the news with friends and as I spoke at women's conferences. People were very enthusiastic and supportive and embarked with me in this journey of faith. God performed some very special miracles for hundreds of widows and orphans. We started to send funds to Burkina where they used the gifts to develop a pottery project followed by gardens, cattle and goat breeding, and cereal banks.

Help arrives ...

The Lord sent a German couple, the Diehls, who counsel, manage, administer the funds, and train the widows to know how to invest their money in order to make profits before they start their projects. I have immense joy as I visit each year. I hear touching stories from the widows who have benefited from the Dorcas project. Several say they are able to send their children to school now, others to buy medicine for their children when they are sick. One widow particularly touched my heart when she said "I was able to buy a wife for my son!"

Then we began a Dorcas project in Niger for 20 widows to start, with more on the waiting list. I have a special burden to include Muslim widows who are also in a very bad situation and face also the restrictions of their religion. Benin is on the waiting list. I met with 50 widows last September who are waiting to be helped.

The Dorcas project has given me new energy in my ministry. I feel very challenged, but God has promised to provide for the widows and the orphans. He is faithful. A.B. Simpson said, "God does not want great men and women, but he wants men and women who will dare to prove the greatness of their God."