An evangelistic ministry of Foundation “Creation Science-Bulgaria”


 Our Past

My name is Darin Ivanov and the Lord led me to establish Christ The Creator – Christ The Savior ministry  in 2003 to meet a specific need of the Body of Christ in Bulgaria. We started with only my wife Vessy and me as volunteers translating materials from English. I am 37 years old and  I have graduated seminary and university with degree in economics. We have two boys David and Andrew. We love the Lord!


Our Future

We pray the Lord would allow us to achieve the following:

ENCOURAGING the saints to assert the supreme authority of God's Word.

First of all we don’t use science to “prove” the Bible; the Bible itself is the measure of truth. On the other hand we don’t see contradiction between operational science and the Bible and we don’t disregard the achievements and value of operational science. There are no different "evidences" for evolution and creation. We all are faced with the same evidence.  The difference is in how we interpret what we observe. When properly understood, the "evidence" fits the biblical account.  

EQUIPPING God's people with answers to defend their faith, and to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ effectively in the post-communist culture of Bulgaria and the Balkans.

34We want to support the Church in fulfilling its commission. We want our ministry to be “the best friend” of the Church in Bulgaria and the Balkans as it strives to be faithful to the Savior. We have distributed, as a gift, about 20,000 copies of printed creation evangelism materials and films during many creation evangelism tours that covered all of Bulgaria and were a blessing to many churches from all the different Christian denominations. We have made presentations also in Christian schools and submit articles for Christian periodicals. We believe, due to received feedback, that Christians are better prepared to win others and equipped with answers through our materials that open doors for them to testify much more effectively about Christ as Savior in the specific culture we live in.


WINNING lost people for Christ by pulling down strongholds in their minds and guiding them into the fellowship of the Body of Christ where they can grow in their obedience to Him.

    56Our experience with pastors from different Christian denominations proves that the church desperately needs weapons. Instead of waiting for them to come to us in the churches, we go to them in the universities, public schools and libraries, museums and clubs and the media. God allowed our ministry a special outreach in the highest scientific institution - Bulgarian Academy of Sciences in the capital Sofia. After lecturing there and distributing many free creation evangelism materials an association was formed to unite the scientists who want to spread the Gospel. The acting Bulgarian president and other politicians received copies of our materials.  The films we dubbed were shown on a TV station with potential audience of 600,000 people. We have supplied many public schools and teachers with our materials, which are used during classes and enjoy great interest. One of the open doors is also the outreach among the Muslims. Creation is a common ground and the creation evangelism approach and materials help build bridges that make it easier to preach Christ as the Only way to God. We have supplied the key Turkish speaking Evangelical pastors, and the missionaries that work among them, with free creation materials to help them reach the Muslims as they would be instrumental in the hands of God for successful evangelization of Muslim Turkey. We have already started to receive invitations for ministry in Macedonia and other Balkan states.